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About the site
In short, this site was created with the goal of becoming a comprehensive guide about places around the world. This includes all things travel related -- countries, cities, hotels, hostels, restaurants, parks, mountains, museums -- you name it. And that's the key, you are the one to write about these places. Write guides and reviews for the places, and also share tips, experiences, and photos! You can even keep a travel journal, writing about places as you visit them. The goal is to help travelers by writing about the places you visit, the places you stay, and the things you do!

That good budget hotel? That off the beaten path place to visit? A restaurant that can't be missed? A great hiking trail? I want this site to become a place of collective world knowledge and experiences.

About the guy who runs it
Strangely enough, I haven't done very much traveling (in comparison to many others). (If you actually care about me, see my member page or read this old page.) However, that still doesn't exclude me from being excited about travel. I been to enough places to learn that traveling is exciting. I've always been fascinated with learning about new places and cultures, and about how others live. I've also learned that I very much enjoy listening to people tell stories about their own travels. Since for the time being I'm living in the "real world" working in a cubicle on a daily basis, I decided to undertake this project as a way to expose myself to new places that I can't immediately experience on my own.

My philosophy about the world
Every society has different standards as to what is acceptable. Learning about and accepting these differences is important. You don't need to be a world traveler to understand this, you simply need an open mind. Whether it's through travel or reading, it's critical to understand that there are differences in people and cultures, none of which are better or worse, simply different. I hope this site can become a platform to help people in one way or another enter into a world which is not their own, and ultimately lead them to break their minds free from ethno-centrism. Because you read that Bhutan is an "impoverished country" doesn't mean that it is inferior. In fact with an open mind, one could argue the opposite.

How did the site evolve?
Like I said, I have always been fascinated with learning about people and places, and I also am fascinated by reading people's travel blogs, so I decided to combine the reference/guide idea with the travel journal idea, and create an all encompassing one stop travel related site. My vision was to create a place for world travelers, aspiring travelers (like myself), and people who just like to learn about new places, to come together, gain knowledge, and share facts and stories.

This site is still an evolving project, and is still maintained by only me. It is currently a side project while I work my "real" job full time. However, depending on the success of the site, in the future I hope to be able to dedicate all my effort and time to adding some new and exciting features. Until then, I am paying for maintenance costs on my own and doing the development in my spare time. Want to help, click here.

Let me also say that I know there are many other great travel resources out there. I didn't create this site with the intention of taking anything away from any of those other sites. It is more of an evolving project to satisfy my own needs. If it becomes successful, then even better. I love to learn about new places and cultures, and I find myself often dreaming of travelling, so this keeps me inspired. If you don't like this site, or you think it sucks, then by all means, don't use it. Or better yet, help make it better by contributing. Of course I really hope you don't think that...