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Canadian Centre for Architecture - Facts and Visitor Information

Canadian Centre for Architecture
1920 Baile Street - 514-939-7026
Metro Guy-Concordia or Bus 150

The Centre canadien de l'architecture opened in 1989. An interestingly schizoid building, the façade facing René-Lévesque is the Shaughnessy mansion, which came very close to demolition before the museum plan saved it; the façade with the entrance - the gate shown on left - facing Baile Street (one of downtown's most modest thoroughfares) is as aloof as modern architecture can be. Inside, the mated buildings are superbly well finished.

It's worth exploring the exterior of the building as part of your visit: the Shaughnessy façade is partially mirrored across René-Lévesque by a spooky sculpture (far right) which leads to an entirely surreal sculpture garden with a view over the Ville-Marie Expressway of the lower parts of town.

The CCA is not only a museum that hosts shows of all kinds related to architecture, but also a major study centre for the discipline. Has a bookstore that will tempt anyone with an interest in the design arts. Thursday evenings are free


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