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Los Angeles Facts and Travel Information
Los Angeles
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Los Angeles - Facts and Travel Information
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Looking towards downtown from Griffith Park
Looking towards downtown from Griffith Park
Photo Credit: russ

Los Angeles is a city of everything. For many it is a city of dreams, where fantasy can become reality. The city is huge, home to nearly 4 million people (17 million in the surrounding metro area), and second largest city in the US. It is known for everything from traffic and smog to actors, beautiful people, great weather, and great beaches.

It is a culturally diverse city, and is one of the world's most important entertainment and economic centers. It is also home to several professional sports teams, including the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, and Sparks.

There are several districts and many communities and areas within the city of Los Angeles. Some of the more well known are Bel Air, Century City, Downtown, Hollywood, Pacific Palisades, Sherman Oaks, South Central, Universal City, Van Nuys and Venice.

LA has one of the largest homeless populations in the country, with estimates of nearly 10,000 homeless "living" on Skid Row, with countless others throughout the city.

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