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Hollywood Facts and Travel Information
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Hollywood - Facts and Travel Information
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Hollywood is an area of the city of Los Angeles with a population of around 300,000, located to the northwest of downtown. Although it is now known as the center of the entertainment and motion picture industry, a little over 100 years ago it was a little town with a population of about 500 people, separated from downtown LA by citrus groves and with a thriving agriculural community.

Some of its most famous attractions are the famous Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Mann's Chinese Theater, the Capitol Records Building, the Ripley's Believe It or Not Odditorium, Hollywood Wax Museum, and the Kodak Theater. There are even famous streets and hotels, with Sunset Boulevard, known as the Sunset Strip, and the Hollywood Hotel.

The famous Hollywood Sign was built in 1923 atop Mount Lee, located in the Hollywood Hills. Originally, the sign read "Hollywoodland", and after a few years began to fall apart. In 1949, it was repaired and changed to read simply "Hollywood".

Many people visit Hollywood to see places made famous by movies or television, others visit hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. It is an interesting place, and although it is portrayed as extravagant and glamorous, there is another side that many people don't know about. Many people come to Hollywood hoping to achieve fame like they see on TV, however most don't make it and wind up on the streets, sinking into homlessness and sometimes even drug addiction or prostitution.

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