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Sacramento Facts and Travel Information
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Sacramento - Facts and Travel Information
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Sacramento is located in northern California, in a valley east of the Sierras and is geographically close to halfway between the coastal city of San Francisco and the Nevada border near Carson City. It is about 85 miles from San Fran, and 130 miles from Reno It is the capital of the state of California, but by no means the largest city. In fact the population is a little over 400,000, which pales in comparison to cities like San Diego and Los Angeles.

Getting to the city is fairly easy, as it has an International Airport, and the Interstate 5 runs north south through the city, all the way from San Diego to Seattle. Interstate 80 runs east west, from San Francisco through Reno and all the way to the east coast.

The weather in Sacramento is fairly nice, with mild winters, although summers can get very hot because of its location in the valley.

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