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Kate Sessions Park Facts and Visitor Information
Kate Sessions Park
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Kate Sessions Park - Facts and Visitor Information
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Evening at Kate Sessions Park
Evening at Kate Sessions Park
Photo Credit: russ

Kate Sessions Memorial Park is probably one of the "hidden gem" parks in San Diego. It's not so much that it is unknown, but there are many other more well known places that get people's attention. The park is located in the Pacific Beach and La Jolla area, and has one of the best views in San Diego, looking out over Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. You can also see Seaworld, Pt. Loma and downtown. The views are especially great because the park is located on a hill as you are going up into La Jolla from Pacific Beach.

Even on the nicest of summer days, the beaches and Mission Bay Park and Crown Point Shores get most of the attention, leaving the park fairly empty. It is a perfect place to have a small picnic, take your dog for a walk, or just lay in the sun and read a book. There are often larger parties there, but there is never a problem finding plenty of open space.

It is easy to get to, just go north on Lamont Street from Pacific Beach (Lamont turns into Soledad Rd), and you will drive right past it as you start going up the hill into La Jolla. If you are in town for a few days, it is worth a visit, if nothing else to see the view and take some photos. Also consider going to the top of Mt. Soledad where there are comparable views, the only difference being that you are up higher so you have a 360 degree view.

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