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Ocean Beach Facts and Travel Information
Ocean Beach
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Ocean Beach - Facts and Travel Information
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Ocean Beach is the San Diego community that time left behind. Spend a day in "OB" as it is called, and you will see a different and slower way of beach life. As opposed to Pacific Beach and Mission Beach which are a more hip and younger crowd, Ocean Beach is very laid back and has a 1960s hippy feel to it. There are still young people who live there, but they have a different vibe. There are more markets and "mom and pop" shops, and the area isn't so trendy like the other communities. Not as much of a touristy area, it is very easy going and moves at a slower pace. There are one or two main streets with a few bars and restaurants, but the entire area just has a very different feel to it, and is a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the rest of San Diego. Unlike a lot of San Diego, people in OB will stop and say hi, and will be sincere when they are talking to you.

One of the recent events which displayed the typical OB attitude was the opposition to a new Starbucks. Most of the people felt that it would take away from the local culture.

San Diego's Ocean Beach International (OBI) Hostel is located at 4961 Newport Ave. The hostel is in the center of the Ocean Beach business district. The OBI Hostel caters to the international traveler and to American hostelers with hostel membership cards. In the winter, they have discounted weekly rates that are really low. It's definitely a popular place. Their website is:

It is very easy to get to downtown San Diego and the San Diego International Airport from Ocean Beach as well. The bus runs down Cable St then goes downtown. The bus crosses Newport, so if you're staying at a hotel at the beach or the youth hostel, it's a piece of cake. It is only $1.75 and takes about 20 minutes to get to/from the airport, and about half an hour to get downtown. The only downside is that it runs just twice an hour. If you want the airport or downtown, make sure to take the 923.

Every Wednesday afternoon, there is an outside Farmer's Market on the street in the 4900 block of Newport Ave. They sell locally grown produce and locally made products. Often there are musicians that show up for entertainment too.

Whales can often be seen from the Ocean Beach pier between the months of November and March.

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