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Cantina Panaderia - Information
Rates/Cost: plates between $8 and $15
Address: 966 Felspar St
Phone: (858) 272-8400

Located in the heart of Pacific Beach right next door to Cafe 976, Cantina Panaderia is a great place to go for something a little different. It is a sort of Latin Asian type restaurant, decorated with a sort of eastern feel, complete with a huge Buddha in the corner. The menu is interesting, with quite a variety; from Latin and Mexican dishes with chicken and carne asada, to vegetable and tofu rice bowls. There are also a few Salmon and Ahi selections. Everything is pretty healthy too.

It's definately worth a stop, especially if you are getting tired of the standard beach restaurants, or are just looking for a new place to check out. It is a casual atmosphere, and they are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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