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PB Block Party Facts and Visitor Information
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PB Block Party - Facts and Visitor Information
Note: This page is similar to wiki, which means you can edit the content.

Pacific Beach Block Party
Pacific Beach Block Party
Photo Credit: russ

Pacific Beach Block Party, often called PB Block Party, or just Block Party, happens once a year near the beginning of May, and is an event not to be missed. In recent years it has gotten more popular, and although the actual block party is still supposed to be family oriented, it is an excuse for almost everyone living in the area to throw a party, some lasting all weekend.

The main events take place on Garnet St, starting at Crystal Pier, going all the way east to Ingraham St. There are activies, vendors, stages with live music, and plenty of people. In the past there ahve been rides and event a skate ramp. And of course all the bars and restaurants are open. Parking anywhere in PB is limited during the whole weekend, so either grab a spot and don't leave, or take a shuttle in.

There is no alcohol allowed on the street, and there are no beer gardens. Supposedly years ago there were, but now if you want to drink you should either go to a bar or hit on of the parties on the side streets.

There is rumor of changing the format in the coming year (2006), so stay tuned and check out the latest news as the time draws nearer.

Update: It appears that the block party is no longer! However there is at least one replacement event. On April 22, 2006, there is the Pacific Beach Street Fair. Organized by the Pacific Beach Community Foundation, this event will have two entertainment stages, which is less than block party would have. This is unconfirmed, so please update this page if you know more.

Update 3/16/06: See this and this link for news. It appears the April 22, 2006 event is no longer as well.

Update 3/21/06:
Apparently the block party is still planned, sort of, there is an effort to have it despite the permit issue. April 22, 2006 - be there.

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