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Tahquitz Peak
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Tahquitz Peak - Facts and Visitor Information
Tahquitz Peak
Tahquitz Peak
Photo Credit: russ

Tahquitz Peak is in the San Jacinto Wilderness Area, and getting there is a spectacular hike. From the top you can see in all directions, as far as the eye can see, depending upon how clear the air is. The peak is 8846 feet, and there are two main routes to get there. By the way, I think it's pronounce like Tah-keets...

One is from Humber Park, via the Devils Slide Trail. This route will be about 8.5 or 9 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 2300 feet. Starting from the parking lot, it's pretty simple to get to the top if you follow the signs. The trailhead is right near the restrooms, and it goes for about 2.5 miles, to Saddle Junction, where you just follow the signs. If you follow correctly, you will go up the Pacific Crest Trail, then after about another 1.5 miles the trail branches off, just follow the sign to the peak.

The other route is the South Ridge Trail. Supposedly this is an easier hike, and a little shorter.

When you park, keep in mind that you need to show an Adventure Pass because you are parking in the San Bernadino National Forest. Also be sure to obtain a free wilderness permit from the Ranger Station right next to park headquarters.

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