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Hotel Andalucia Facts and Visitor Information
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Hotel Andalucia - Facts and Visitor Information
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Rates/Cost: if you are lucky you might get a room for $200, but more likely $300 or $400
Address: 31 West Carrillo, Santa Barbara, California 93101
Phone: 805-884-0300, toll free 877-468-3515

Hotel Andalucia is a new hotel in Santa Barbara, about 8 blocks from the coast. It recently opened in December 2004, and seems to be one of the nicer places in the city. The hotel is the tallest hotel in city, at 6 stories. City ordinance doesn't allow anything taller. It has 97 rooms, some with ocean or mountain views. There is a restaurant/lounge and full bar. One of the highlights of the hotel is the rooftop patio, which includes a small pool and spa. The view from the rooftop definately can't be beat.

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