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Boston Facts and Travel Information
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Boston - Facts and Travel Information
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Boston, nicknamed "Beantown" is the capital of Massachusetts. It is situated on the eastern end of Massachusetts, sharing space with Boston Harbor and the Charles river.

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston is a city rich with history. It was originally founded in the 1600s by Native Americans, and officially became a city in the early 1800s. Boston played a major role in the early United States history, as it played a key role in the American Revolutionary War, and was also the site of the famous Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Pary. Soon after, new immigrants came from Europe, which resulted in large Irish and Italian populations, as well as Roman Catholic populations.

Getting to Boston is pretty easy, as Logan International Airport is one of the major airports in the Northeast. There is also TF Green Airport in nearby Providence. A combination of rail and the local subway system service these airports. You can also get to Boston by the Amtrak Train from other nearby cities. If you are coming from Hartford or New York, you can even take a bus.

Once there, a major means of transportation in the city is the subway system, also known as "The T", which was the first underground subway in the United States. Note that driving in Boston can be a little hairy if you are not used to the city. Much of the area isn't laid out in blocks like other major cities.

Like other large cities, Boston is divided into many distinctly different neighborhoods.

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