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Brooklyn Bridge Facts and Visitor Information
Brooklyn Bridge
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Brooklyn Bridge - Facts and Visitor Information
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Walking across bridge from Manhattan
Walking across bridge from Manhattan
Photo Credit: russ

The Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn across the East River. The bridge crossing on the Manhattan side is right near City Hall Park in the Downtown area, and can be reached from Centre Street or Park Row. There is also a walkway, so those who aren't driving can still cross the bridge. If you want to get there from the subway, there is a subway stop right there as well.

The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by engineer John A. Roebling, however he died before construction even began. After his death, the project was taken over by his son Washington A. Roebling. On January 3rd, 1870, ground was officially broken and construction of the bridge foundations was started. The bridge was designed in a gothic style, with pointed arches at the top of the passageways. It was constructed of steel and granite, and at a total cost of $18 million. Construction was completed and the bridge opened on May 24th 1883. That first day over 150,000 people and 1800 vehicles crossed the bridge. Due to an illness, the younger Roebling was bedridden for most of the project, but he still oversaw the project using a telescope from his apartment, and sending instructions to workers via his wife.

At the time that it was completed in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, at 3460 feet. It was also the first steel wire suspension bridge. The total cost of building the bridge was $18 million.

Since the 1980s, the bridge has been lit at night to display its amazing architecture.

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