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Philadelphia Facts and Travel Information
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Philadelphia - Facts and Travel Information
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Philadelphia, or "Philly" as it is called, is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, and is one of the largest cities in the United States. Although the city is called the "City of Brotherly Love", it is also referred to as the "Birthplace of America" because in 1776, America declared it's independence here with the writing and unveiling of famous document The Declaration of Independence. A lesser known fact is that Philadelphia was also the nation's capital for several years, before it was moved to its now current location of Washington DC.

As the birthplace of America's democracy, Philadelphia is home to many famous sites, including Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, and Independence Hall.

Getting to the city is also fairly easy, as it is served by Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). Taxis are an option for getting from the airport, as is the rail line which takes about 20 minutes to travel from the airport and downtown. It also stops at all of the major commuter stations.

If not flying in, you can also take the Amtrak train, which has trains arriving hourly from New York and Washington DC.

While getting around is possible by car, as is the case in most cities, keep in mind that it is a large city, so parking is difficult and the traffic is likely to be bad. On the bright side, the public transportation system is a viable option, including the commuter rail system and a subway in parts of the city. Also, the city is a good city for walking.

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