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Newport Facts and Travel Information
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Newport - Facts and Travel Information
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View of harbor
View of harbor
Photo Credit: russ

Newport is a great little harbor city located in southeastern Rhode Island. It has a population of around 26,000, and was founded in 1639. It is a favorite getaway for New Englanders, and offers a nice change of pace. There are a few small beaches which are fun in the summer, and there is the renowned cliff walk where you can see the mansions located on the cliffs overlooking the water. You can also drive down Bellevue Avenue and see the mansions from the street side. There is also some spectacular scenery if you drive around Ocean drive, which takes you along the coastline. In the downtown area there are lovely restaurants, and it just a nice place to stroll. You can see the boats coming and going, and even check out some nice yachts.

To get onto the island, you can either drive in from the north, or you can come from the west side, over two bridges, the Jamestown Bridge and the Newport Bridge, which is the more scenic of the routes. Note that the Newport Bridge is a toll bridge, and the fee is $2 per car, or $1 per axle.

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