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Mt. Hor
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Mt. Hor - Facts and Visitor Information
Looking across Lake Willoughby to Mt. Hor from Pisgah
Looking across Lake Willoughby to Mt. Hor from Pisgah
Photo Credit: russ

Mount Hor rises 2,654 feet up from the southwest side of Lake Willoughby, across the lake from Mt Pisgah. The lake and mountain were carved by glaciers, and the evidence can be seen in the sheer cliff face of Mt Hor, which drops nearly straight down into the water. In fact, the cliffs are designated a National Natural Landmark, and have even been known as a spring nesting ground for Peregrine Falcons, while providing habitat for endangered arctic and cliff alpine plants.

There are several trails to the top, if you are familiar with them, please share.

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