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Seattle Facts and Travel Information
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Seattle - Facts and Travel Information
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Known as the "rainy city", Seattle is the largest city in Washington. It is located in King County, about 100 miles south of Canada, surrounded both by water and mountains, situated between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. The population of Seattle is around 570,000.

Some famous attractions are the Space Needle, Pioneer Square, and Pike Place Public Farmers Market, where you can find the famous fish throwers.

It is a beautiful city, in a great location, and a great place to stay while exploring the northwest.

Getting to Seattle is fairly easy, as there is the Seattle Tacoma International Airport, also known as SeaTac. From the airport to downtown takes about 30 minutes by car, up to 40 using public transportation. Arriving by train is another option, as Amtrak provides service from most major cities on the west coast. As always, plenty of people come by car as well. Interstate 5 is the major freeway running north/south through the city, coming from as far south as San Diego. I-90 comes in from the east. As with with most cities in the US, expect potential traffic during rush hour or during events.

Getting around once you're in the city is fair easy also. Metro Transit runs buses free of charge within the downtown area, there's a monorail, a trolly, and there are even water taxis.

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