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Nan Madol
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Nan Madol - Facts and Travel Information

Nan Madol, the Saudeleurs, Mu and Pohnpei
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There's so much to say about Nan Madol when there's so little really known, it's astonishing. If this is the first you've ever heard of it, you will be truly astounded.

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For one thing, anyone who sees images of Nan Madol knows a mystery is at hand. Is it related to James Churchward's Lost Continent of Mu? The idea of Mu has inspired a great body of speculation, including adjustments to theories of origins of the islanders.

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Mysterious Ancient Coincidences? Abandoned hundreds of years ago, Nan Madol remains an archaeological mystery. No one can really say where the Saudeleur Kings were from, no one really knows how the monoliths were built.

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There are other sites, too, that bear examination, where the ancient inhabitants had other outposts, in the Micronesian Diary it's clear that most of the historical and archaeological work up to now has focused on the most visible (and protected) monuments at Nan Madol on Pohnpei ...

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The ancient stone city of Nan Madol, abandoned on 92 artificial islets off the south-eastern coast of Pohnpei, is in the Federated States of Micronesia, located here at theLonely Planet World Guide

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Nan Madol was/is a water canal city, the "Venice of the Pacific" and is one of more than 100 sites of historical significance offered by the FSM. The Pohnpei Visitors Center has all sorts of material available for you. It may be a similiar, possibly the parent city of Nan Madol exists as a pigpen in the neighbor isle of Kosrae, it also has huge, massive walls with unusual prismatic and block basalt stone, and a similiar canal system, Leluh has been called a "Wonder of the Pacific" along with Nan Madol.

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The Japanese are also interested in Nan Madol: Japan's Big Globe Travel, and theirWebclub and the Japanese Nan Madol photo album. It seems that a Japanese company wanted to remove two columnar basalt stones from Nan Madol to take back to Japan for incorporation into a monument to the Mu civilisation, an interesting account of their take on the mysteries. The Japanese are intriguing in their relationship to the lost civilization of Lemuria, or "MU". The mysterious ruins of Nan Madol are studied and discussed frequently.

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There are great tours and vacations available, The Village Tours will take you to Nan Madol, breathtaking waterfalls and leisure tours through the island. Details from the World of Diving Details from the Village Hotel, owned by really nice folks and a great place to plan to stay. World Explorers Club Conferences and Expeditions have special boat tours to Nan Madol for $899.00. Professor Childress will expound on the lost civilisation of Mu for that fee. There's also a Tai Chi in Nan Madol workshop being planned.

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The German influence is very strong here on Pohnpei, as they were at one time the ruling class, and they are still intrigued by the Bilder aus Nan Madol and the Mystisk fortid NAN MADOL

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The Lost City of Nan Madol; always described as being in a remote place, a deep Mystery, perhaps undersea lies more to ponder. Visited by the great Thor Heyerdahl, once, but not that no one at all has been researching, And there's interest from various groups like the University photos. and lots of scattered travelers, Mangrove photos. Nan Madol is described as the enigmatic ruins of a floating city, built by a lost civilisation on the Micronesian island of Pohnpei. By the Global Travel Writersand here are photos of Nan Madol by Controlled Burn. The US Navy sent a ship here, The Ocean98 Voyage.

Some say Ancient Micronesia & the Lost City of Nan Madol by David Hatcher was written by the "Indiana Jones of the South Pacific". Here are some great Photos from Frenchman Tony's Travelsandmore mysterious theories. Word is there's a script for Indiana Jones and the Secret of Nan Madol

This is a great photo you can click to move your view of a portion of the Nan Madol Ruins and here are photos from 1956 of Nan Madol and the Nett Cultural Center.

It is also popular to call Nan Madol the Machu Pichu of the Pacific. If Nan Madol is not glamourous, it is certainly incongruous. and one of the key points is the inhospitable location, The Environs of Nan Madol, based on the 1983 US Geological Survey of Pohnpei. And everyone agrees it is a mystery. There are certainly weird ancient coincidences to explore.

The Saudeleurs ruled Pohnpei up until 1628, when Isokelekel and 333 warriors freed the island. Much is known about the islets, we know this is the Royal mortuary compound at Islet Nandauwas. The Kings of Nan Madolw were the "Lords of the Ocean Entrance", the Saudelaur Dynasty. The Ponapeans have legends about the fabled heroes like the half-god man that was named Isokelekel. As Isokelekel grew up, he vowed to avenge his father the Thunder God for the Saudeleur's treatment of him. The rule of the kings grew extremely harsh and tyrannical, and eventually they were overthrown by Isokelekel and his Kosraean 333 warrior army. In Nan Madol today, on Temwen Island within a secondary enclosure, lies a large tom that is said to contain the remains of the legendary Isokelekel, who freed the people of Pohnpei and established a new order of chiefs and land divisions. But the Legend lives on. The origins : Nan Madol had been fully built by the legendary brothers Olosohpa and Olisipha, with their levitation techniques, and the mystical fable of how the last ruler tried to capture the Thunder god, Nan Sapwe, and the new Age of Nahnmwarki that extends to the present time.

Pohnpei in 2002 , the Garden Island of Micronesia, its boldest landmarks are Sokehs Rock, a steep cliff face which you can scale with a guide if you are fit enough.

The Ponape Agriculture & Trade School (PATS) announces the launch of its Nan Madol pages.

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