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Cyprus Facts and Travel Information
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Cyprus - Facts and Travel Information
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Cyprus is a modern country of European culture with 9000 years of ancient enchantment. It provides a world of alluring beaches and beautiful mountain peaks, vineyards studded with olive trees and ancient ruins that stir the imagination. It also happens to be the 3rd biggest island in the Mediterranean sea, located at the cross-roads of Europe, Africa and Asia, more specifically located south of Turkey and west of Syria and Israel. This location would seemingly put it in the Middle East, but due to its current status in the European Union and its Greek population, it is considered a European country. It is politically divided into two regions, the southwestern region known as the Republic of Cyprus, administered by Greek Cypriots and internationally recognized, and the northeastern region has been self proclaimed as the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, administered by Turkish Cypriots, and recognized only by Turkey. There is also a UN buffer zone between the two regions.

The island is an active member of the European Union since 2004. The official language is Greek. Due to the opportunistic Turkish invasion that happened in 1974 the island is still divided in two parts. Although the problem remains unsolved and despite the numerous attempts of the turkish community to sell the idea that the north part constitutes a country on its own, the national community recognizes Cyprus as one united country. Thankfully, the borders are open so people can move throughout the island quite easily. People of both communities are friendly and hospitable, easy-going and simple, trust-worthy and not afraid of work.

Because of it EU status, no visa requirements apply for many European countries and the US. On the island both Greek and Turkish are spoken, and also English to a lesser extent. The people in general are friendly, and in many places the lifestyle is slow and simple and unchanged from hundreds of years ago. Also, the weather is typically Mediterranean with hot and dry summers, and cool winters.

Due to its strategic position and the recent joint of European Union, a number of international companies, ranging from pharamceuticals, to constructions and investments, have expanded their activities to the island. Cyprus is becoming very international; people of different nationalities, Russians, Germans, English are buying properties in the island either for holiday or work purposes, or because they are just attracted by the beauty of the island and the nice weather and want to move to the island permanently.

OVer its history, it has had of a number of conquerors, ranging from Great Alexander to Romans and Persians. A travel across the island enables people to appreciate the overwhelming cultural heritage-ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries spread around the island of Aphrodite. If you want a relaxing holiday, with nice food and wine and sandy beaches or a hardcore holiday of clubbing Cyprus is the place to be. Visit and you will not regret it.

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