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Italy Facts and Travel Information
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Italy - Facts and Travel Information
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Italy, locally known as Italia, is located in southern Europe, and is famously known as the country shaped like a boot. Italy consists of the mainland peninsula, as well as the two well known Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The country is divided into 20 regions.

It shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Also, within Italy exist two independent countries, Vatican City and San Marino.

Some of the most popular places in Italy are Rome, Venice, Sicily, Florence, Milan, and even the small country of Vatican City, which is not part of Italy, though it is surrounded on all sides by Italy. Each place has its own flavor, but all are worth visiting. Italy is a very diverse country, with the Alps in the north, city life in the large cities, the rolling hills of Tuscany, and each place is filled with amazing history, especially Rome and Florence.

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