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Amsterdam - Facts and Travel Information

Amsterdam, the largest city in the Netherlands, and also its capital, is a favorite destination for tourists and travellers. It is a place with much to offer, including a rich history, impressive architecture, and a friendly and tolerant attitude. Good or bad, it is also known for its red light district, where prostitution is legal, and for it coffee shops, where you can buy and smoke marijuana.

More specifically, Amsterdam is located in the Province of North Holland, and lies on the banks of two rivers, the Amstel and the IJ. There are scenic canals throughout the city, and also many old houses and mansions built on the edges of the canals. There are great museums as well, including the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.

If you are flying into Amsterdam, the biggest airport in the Netherlands, Schiphol, is a 15 or 20 minute train ride away from downtown, and costs 4 euro. The airport is homebase for KLM airlines. There is even a bike path from the airport leading into the city!

Speaking of bikes, they are a popular way of getting around. There are plenty of paths and racks for bikes all over. It is a great alternative to trying to drive around in the city, and having to deal with expensive parking, traffic jams, and bicyclists and pedestrians in the road.

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