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"California" - California
Posted by hritzy at yahoo dot com  May 06 2004, 10:56 PM
There are many good things to say to say about California. It has Silicon Valley, the most entrepneurial area for computers and computer applications in the United States. It is also the most populous state in in the USA. If its output were counted as a Gross National Product, it would be the fifth largest economy in the werld. The biggest industries are agriculture and the motion picture industry. Aerospace used to be second but with the consolidation caused by the cutbacks in the Defense industry during the 1990's, it has been relegated to an inferior part of the economy. One big drawback is that its politicians are dominated by those of the Democratic Party. As a result, taxes are high and services are poor. It is very expensive to run a business because of the stifling regulation and arcane(spelled insane) environmental policies that value a one-quarter inch minnow more than billions of dollars of industrial development. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the USA, second overall to New York, whose taxes are even higher. It is no coincidence that new York politicians are of the liberal variety. It is also one of the most polyglot populations in the USA. There are so many different nationalities living there that everyone is a minority and we like it that way--everybody equal. The Los Angeles school district's pupils speak 60 different languages at home. San Diego is the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet and is one of the largest Naval Bases in the USA. Nearby Camp Pendelton is one of the largest Marine bases in the USA. Southern California, primarily a desert area, has the best overall weather in the continental United States. As a result, miltary training can be done all year round.