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"A cold weekend in Vegas" - Las Vegas
Posted by russ  Nov 29 2004, 01:07 PM    (View all contributions by russ)
I went to Las Vegas this past Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, for Friday and Saturday night. First off, I now have proof that the desert gets cold. It was around 45F during the day, and extremely windy. You could even see snow up in the mountains surrounding the city. (It was windy enough for a piece of the paneling on the MGM Grand to blow off and almost kill us.)

The first night we stayed at the Bourbon Street Hotel and Casino since most places on the Strip were either booked or way too expensive. Bourbon Street Hotel is not that nice and is pretty old, but if you simply want a place to sleep that is close to the Strip and cheaper than the nice places, it is fine (in my opinion). I would prefer to stay in a dumpy place walking distance from all the places on the Strip rather than a moderate place miles away. At Bourbon Street on a normal night you can get a room for around $40 dollars, but the holiday weekend it was $99. This to me is still good compared to the $300+ it would have been at other places.

But the second night we switched over to Bally's, which is a great place in a great location for the price. The rooms are nice and spacious, and the casino seems to be lucky. I won a little bit of money there.

During the day we tried to get out to the Hoover Dam, but the traffic was too bad and we didn't feel like spending an extra couple hours in the car. For the rest of the weekend we just relaxed, and did what you do in Vegas - gambling, drinking, and good eating. We even found time to relax in the Piano Bar at Harrah's.