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"Great Hotel in Barcelona" - Barcelona
Posted by guest  Feb 27 2005, 03:41 PM
I was recently in Barcelona on business and found a wonderful hotel. The Barcelona Princess is located right at the very bottom of Diagonal, the main street that crosses Barcelona diagonally (hence its name!). It is right by the sea and has 24 floors all with extraordinary views of the city. It is very modern with beautifully appointed rooms including glassed off bathrooms with a blind you can draw for privacy. Each room has large picture windows to take advantage of the breathtaking views and it also has a gym and beautiful swimming poolon one of its roofs. The room service food was delicious and reasonably priced and the staff were friendly and very helpful. I paid $124 a night to stay there and, compared to some of the dumps I have stayed in for more money, this was great value for what you get. I highly recommend it.