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"One night at the Edison Hotel" - Edison Hotel
Posted by russ  Jun 22 2005, 01:19 PM    (View all contributions by russ)
The Edison Hotel is in a great location. It is certainly not a 5 star hotel, but for a comfortable and secure place to sleep, with a great location, you can't go wrong. The rooms are average, not very big, and the walls seemed a bit thin, as I could hear the elevator bell and other people opening and closing doors down the hall. But unless you are going to be spending your entire trip in the hotel, it's nothing to worry about. The rate I had was $175 for a night, and although that's not very cheap as far as hotels go, it's about as cheap as you will find so close to Times Square. I also did not have reservations, and this was the walk in rate. All in all I would definately recommend this hotel as a middle of the road, no frills hotel. There are also many places to eat nearby, and it is very convenient to walk to most of the theaters.