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"Irish Authors" - Ireland
Posted by travelphotonet  Aug 30 2005, 12:16 AM    (View all contributions by travelphotonet)
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For some reason, this relatively small country has produced many literary giants, including 4 Noble price winners.
The one author that is most often associated with Ireland is James Joyce ("Dubliners", "Ulysses", "Finnegan's Wake") and "Bloomsday" (16 June) celebrating the adventures of Leopold Bloom (the main character in "Ulysses") in Dublin is a sort of National Holiday.

To name just a few of the other Irish classics:
Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde,
Samuel Beckett, Elizabeth Bowen, Edmund Burke, James Connolly, Oliver Goldsmith and modern author Brendan Behan.

Statue of Oscar Wilde in Dublin's Archbishop Ryan Park.
Statue of Oscar Wilde in Dublin's Archbishop Ryan Park.