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"Not worth the price or drive" - Monet's Table
Posted by guest  Dec 24 2005, 09:23 AM
Ok, so there are some good things about Monet's Table as mentioned in the guide. But there are no tablecloths, sound-proofing and a noisy party in a small room makes it unbearable. The food (at least in winter) is erratic. Iceberg lettuce salads are not fine dining! While the entrees are imaginative and well-prepared, the sides are bland and truly unexceptional.

And then there's the disaster of the wine list. Listing the wine (for example, Syrah) and California, does not constitute a proper description -- and we are talking about bottles of $25 and more. Also, order that nice wine and it is served in a generic, cheap, all-purpose small wine glass.

The staff tries -- they are friendly, But they are too casually dressed (bordering on sloppy), unknowledgable, and poorly trained. For examply, dessert was plunked down on the edge of the table as was the fork when it could and should have been placed in front of the diner.

Basicially, this is like a beautifully wrapped present that disappoints upon inspection. It's not worth the price or the drive.