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"Attitude but not a good one." - Sipz Vegetarian Fusion Cafe
Posted by C  Feb 11 2006, 09:25 AM
I have gone to the SIPZ in Clairemont since they opened. I WANT to love this place but its the service or lack there of that leaves a bad taste in my mouth every time. I agree with posts I have read that ask the question do we have no choice but to put up with bad service in order to get vegetarian food? We have a negative reputation developing here, not a good sign by any standard.

I visited SIPZ in Poway last night, bringing with me a party of 4 who had never been. I politely asked our waiter if he could EITHER turn down the loud Frank Sanatra music OR the equally loud television, set up so that the owner/cook could watch television while he worked? I was given a dirty look and then told that he would have to ask the other employee. Their decision was to turn up the volume on both. Personally if I wanted to watch TV I could have saved my money and stayed home. I admit that I am not a multi tasker. Music, television and good conversation with my guests can get all jumbled and give me a headache.
This behavior and the smallest portion of lasagna that I have ever seen did nothing but embarrass me in front of the friends from Poway that I had talked into going to SIPZ in the first place. Will I ever go to the Poway SIPZ again? Not a chance. Will I recommend either SIPZ in the future? Probably not. The service has always been sub standard, the food has never been consistently good, the Kung Pau is closer to sweet and sour minus the sour. Their strong suit is attitude, for that I give them a 10.